Calling 'FaithVue Founders'


   Our 'FaithVue Founders' donor program was completed in June 2014.  Thanks to the generosity of 35 individuals / families, GivingVue put 100% of the donations raised into development of the FaithVue app and successfully launched it in July.


We may have other 'Founder' donation programs to establish new nonprofit projects we plan in the future.  So, you're welcome to read how this program was put together.




Do you have what it takes to be a 'FaithVue Founder'?


Have you ever wanted to FOUND A COMPANY OR CAUSE - be one of the first to join and make an impact with something special?  

Now's your chance to step up, do good, and make a difference in the lives of potentially millions... Show GUTS - Do GOOD - Have GLORY     


WATCH our video below to become inspired by the calling for 'FaithVue Founders' and visit our program page to become a 'FaithVue Founder'; thereby, providing a great service that may help millions get closer to their Faith.

   After watching the video, are you ready to follow the calling - ready to Show GUTS - Do GOOD - Have GLORY by doing God's work?

Then go get details and join our  “FaithVue Found-raising” program or READ ON...



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