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Frequently Asked Questions:


1)How much does the FaithVue app cost?

   NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH.  It's FREE, because we should all be able to freely pray.


2)How long do I get to use the 5 prayer candles that come with the app?

   FOREVER.  Each user gets 5 prayer candles to use and re-use as often as they like.  


3)How long does a prayer candle last?
   Hint: When viewing your prayer candle, swipe left on the bottom area and the screen will show how much time your prayer candle has before it goes out.  Each prayer candle will burn for at least 3 days.   YOUR PRAYER CANDLE'S BURN TIME WILL INCREASE BY 6 HOURS EACH TIME SOMEONE CLICKS "SUPPORT THIS PRAYER" UNDER YOUR PRAYER CANDLE ON THE PUBLIC PRAYER ALTAR.  So, if you want your prayer candle to keep burning, then share it with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

4)If I have more than 5 prayers going, how do I get more candles?

   With the current 'Your Prayer Altar' layout, you can have up to 11 prayer candles lit.  So, if you need more than 5 prayer candles going, you can buy additional prayer candles to support and help fund future app enhancements.  After you use 2 of your prayer candles, you'll notice some coins appear on the offering plate left of the starting candle stand.  

Satisfy your curiosity!  Click on the offering plate and you'll be offered an opportunity to make an 'in-app' purchase of a 3-colored candles bundle for $0.99.  These colored prayer candles will last for at least 10 days.  Once these prayer candles extinguish, they're gone forever.  They cannot be re-used.   


5)What are the red and green slider settings under my written prayer?

   The red and green sliders allow users to turn ON (green showing) or OFF (red showing) settings for their prayer posting - is the user's location shown or not shown, is the user's prayer placed on the public prayer altar for support from others or not, and is the prayer posted anonymously or not.


6)What does "Location" mean?

   The app will show the user's location (displaying City and/or Country from where the prayer is posted) if the user chooses to move the slider to show green next to "Location" under the prayer text box.  This feature is useful to show app user's the location of prayer supporters around the world.  It's also useful to show prayers on the public altar that are from users near you; thereby, helping to strengthen your local prayer community.


7)What does "Public" mean?

   If a user chooses to keep the green slider for "Public," then the prayer will be posted on the public prayer altar (the altar in the rear) for users to "Support this Prayer."


8)Why can I only seem to get 3 lines of text before I can't type in any more of my prayer?

   Currently, due to the financial limitation of the funds our nonprofit raised for development and maintenance of this app, the app has a limited database capacity - specifically for the prayer text.  Currently, as you'll see in the lower right-hand corner of the prayer text box, the prayers are LIMITED TO 100 TEXT CHARACTERS.  [Personally, as Founder and Chief Steward, I find this lack of prayer text space annoying.  So, it will be one of the first areas improved in the next version of the app - probably version 1.3]


9)'In-app' purchases a donation?

  Currently, Apple does not allow apps to take donations via 'in-app' purchases.  Apple takes 30% of every 'in-app' purchase for its services.  

Donations to GivingVue (incorporated as,Inc. and powering the FaithVue app) can be made via our website.  Users are directed to our donation page from the "Donations" link in the app menu.


10)What can I do at the 'Public Prayer Altar' (the rock formation holding a full set of candles furthest to the rear)?

   The 'Public Prayer Altar' is where all prayers and candles submitted are displayed for users to review support.  Swipe right on the screen to move back to the 'Public Prayer Altar' and then select a prayer candle to view.  You can choose to 'Support this Prayer' by tapping the heart in the bottom left corner.  When you 'Support this Prayer' you add 6 hours to the life of the candle.  The user who lit that prayer candle will receive a notificaton that 'Someone Supported Your Prayer Candle."  So, the more you share and support others' prayers the more you and those users will experience the 'Power of Prayer.'



   To fully experience this app and its potential to fulfill you by getting closer to God, your faith, and other praying folks, you'll need to know when someone supports your prayers.  If you agree to accepting notifications from the FaithVue app, then you'll be alerted when someone supports your prayer candle on the public prayer altar.  This will hopefully remind you pray more and go support others in need by praying for them when you review their prayer candle on the public prayer altar.


12)Sharing Prayers

   When viewing your prayer and candle you'll notice a < shaped button at the right top portion of your prayer text.  That button is a "Share" button.  Tap on the < shaped button and it will pop-up a selection of ways to share your prayer - via email, Twitter, and Facebook.  We'll be adding another option to share via SMS / Text Message in a future app version.   


If  you select to share via Email = Your default email system will pop-up.  You can add a personal message and email a photo of the prayer candle very easily.


If you choose to share via Twitter = You will be asked if you want to "post this to your Twitter feed?"  When you choose "Yes," the text from your prayer will be posted to your Twitter feed along with a #FaithVue and #App hashtags and a link the FaithVue app on the iTunes App Store.


If you select to share via Facebook = You will be asked if you want to "post this to your Facebook wall?"  When you choose "Yes," the text and a photo of your prayer candle will be posted to your Fb wall / timeline along with a link to the FaithVue app on the iTunes App Store.



Did you find answers to your questions?  If there are any questions we missed addressing, please submit your question to us via email.

Thanks for your assistance.

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