GivingVue's First Project: 'FaithVue - Your Personal Prayer Place' App

   GivingVue (powering the FaithVue app) realizes that in today’s hyper-active society full of too much entertainment media consumption, too much work, and too many extracurricular activities, there is less time being spent in contemplation, prayer and reflection.  Rather than fight this trend by telling people to put their devices down, FaithVue is leveraging the benefits of digital media devices and social networking to enable an app that inspires and binds people closer to their community of Faith.  


FaithVue is a Christ-inspired ministry helping folks get closer to God and their faith.



   The core function of FaithVue is to provide users an innovative, immersive app that gives them a  unique and powerful “Vue” (pronounced “view”) into of the strength of God’s graces and their faith community.  App users pray, support and give service to others while using this captivating and inspiring visual faith experience.  With each prayer request made, ‘prayed for’ support enacted, and good deed done for another, FaithVue users are encouraged to continue their ‘good work’.  

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