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This page is for supporters of GivingVue - the nonprofit behind the 'FaithVue app' and future projects that will increase the GIVING acts of FAITH, EDUCATION, and CHARITY.


You may make donations via credit card or PayPal below or...


Send a check made out to "GivingVu.org, Inc." (aka "GivingVue") to:



GivingVue (incorporated as GivingVu.org, Inc.)

9457 S. University Blvd. PMB#627

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


FaithVue 'Found-raiser' donations
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Your donation will help, GivingVue, a Colorado nonprofit, fund the FaithVue app development.

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  • Kristin Lang (Thursday, June 26 14 12:00 pm EDT)

    Good luck!

  • Jean Pfeiffer (Sunday, June 08 14 10:04 pm EDT)

    Sorry for the delay, Sean. It wouldn't let me do it from my phone and I don't check my emails on the computer much anymore. I just sent the money through PayPal. Good luck!

  • Craig (Sunday, June 08 14 06:06 pm EDT)

    Cheering for this to succeed! I like the model a lot.

  • Nancy Webster (Saturday, April 26 14 09:33 pm EDT)

    Good luck!

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