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July 2, 2014:


   FaithVue app releases on iOS platform and is immediately available on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.  We will work with a small group of users to make improvements to the app before starting to publicly market and distribute the app sometime in August.



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February 20, 2014: 

  FaithVu launches its '43 seconds with God' shortvid series.  

When you need some strengthening / motivation / a "pick-me-up", watch these Enlightening, Inspiring, & Empowering '43 seconds with God' shortvids.


January 15, 2014:

   FaithVu asks 'FaithVu Founders' to submit their 'Personal Prayer Place' (PPP) wishes because we're all about being good stewards by serving our users - delivering whatever they need to personalize and customize their PPP to help them get closer God and their Faith.  [See the survey below]

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