You've connected with the 'Beacon of Honor' for  LTC (Ret) Edward J. Sweeney, Jr.

   While passing by Ed's Memorial Flagpole, you received a signal from a 'Beacon of Honor' on your smartphone.

[The 'Beacon of Honor' is an eye-catching Bluetooth beacon and mobile app delivering engaging content that HONOR’s our dearly departed, our living heroes, and our religious devotions.] 

   You then tapped on the 'Beacon of Honor' notification on your smartphone's homescreen and have arrived inside the 'HonorVue' app and the site dedicated to LTC (RET) Edward J. Sweeney, Jr., my dad.

Please, take a moment to learn about Ed / Poppy / my dad by reviewing his story, messages, photos, videos, and soundbites posted by family and friends, and see what inspirations you may derive from my dad's life.

Thanks for your consideration.

Semper Fi- 

  Sean Sweeney


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