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   Personal Motto: "Carpe Diem" / "Seize the Day" has been my motto since my life-saving surgery in 2007; prior to that, and perhaps a contributor to what landed me on the operating table, my personal motto was "Work Hard, Play Hard"

   Family Life: Married 24 years to my wonder-woman wife, Julie; Have 3 fun, responsible, loving kids

   Most eye-opening childhood experience: Experiencing the highs (jaw-dropping views and awe-inspiring glacier powder ski runs) and lows (frost-biting winds and icy slopes) of skiing in the Alps with school friends from 1977-1981.  Although, that wasn't as truly "eye-opening" as the sights found during my first visit, as an unassuming 12 year old, to the beaches of the Italian Riviera in 1981 ;)

   Most impressionable teen experience: Attending Resurrection Catholic School in Montgomery, Alabama, where I was the only white kid in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, I learned to eat real southern food (fried chitlins, okra, etc.), understand and respect African-Americans better, and teach Baptists how to altar serve at our school's Friday Catholic mass.  

   Most humbling adult experience: Living with ulcerative colitis for four years (the first two years of which the docs thought I had Crohn's Disease) and enduring the pain, hassle, embarassment, and difficulties of having to crap 8-15 times per day - especially when I didn't make it to the bathroom in-time :(  I learned a hard lesson that some things, like ulcerative colitis for me, could not be beat with my 'mind over matter' attitude.  Regrettably, during the worst flare-up times, I should have prayed more for strength and guidance to endure, but I did not.  God woke me up to his presence and power to intercede during my life-saving surgery and 3 months of post-op recovery.

   Biggest Triumph: Regaining a strong mind, body, and soul, thanks to God's wake-up call to me, after losing 40 pounds and surviving life-saving emergency surgery to remove my hole-riddled colon in 2007.  

   Working on improving now: I never really read scriptures from the Bible until my first church retreat in 2008.  And since then, I still have had difficulty opening an actual book-bound Bible.  But, now, thanks to the YouVersion Bible app and FaithND emails, I get daily reminders and readings to do on my smartphone.  It's empowering me to live, lead, laugh, and love better!

   Church Life: Currently, parishioner at Pax Christi Catholic Church since moving here in 2005.  Member of parish's Knights of Columbus (a fraternal service organization).  Life-long Christian raised in the Catholic faith.

   Favorite Prayer Places: 

1)at the bedside of my kids each evening before they go to sleep - yes, even my teenagers still :);

2)at the cliffs of Daniels Park in Castle Pines North, Colorado; and

3)at my dad's memorial flagpole in our backyard with Mt Evans and the continental divide as an inspiring backdrop

   Favorite Scripture: "fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." - from the book of Isiah


   Childhood: Born at Ft. Bragg, NC in 1968.  Moved 14 times in 18 years, mostly in the southeast of USA, as a son of an Army officer 

   High School: Freshman & Sophmore year at East Greenwich HS in Rhode Island, Junior & part of Senior year at Walton HS in Marietta, GA, and rest of Senior year at Huron HS in Ann Arbor, MI

   College: University of Colorado at Boulder (87-91) on a full Naval ROTC scholarship to become a US Marine Corps officer

   Work Life: US Marine officer (91-96), Pfizer pharma sales (96-98), and then 15+ years in new media / internet businesses big (Yahoo) and small (Sine Wave Company)

   Current Volunteer work: Junior Achievement instructor, Elementary school fitness club leader, Knights of Columbus charity work

   Hobbies: running, mountain biking, coaching, being a dance and theatre troupe dad :), playing with and attending my kids activities and events, volunteering, and...

   My Hero: My dad, Ed Sweeney Jr., who showed me how to be a good leader by taking care of others first - helping them to succeed, and always showing respect and appreciation for those working on his team.  Thanks to his will power and the protection of God and his fellow US Army troops in Vietnam, he survived being shot down 3 times, so I could have a father and sister to grow up with.


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