To perform, broadcast, or read along with today's Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag ...






To perform, broadcast, or read along with today's Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag ...





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To enable digital apps and services that increase the GIVING acts of EDUCATION, FAITH, AND CHARITY

Beacon of Honor 

GivingVue's 2nd nonprofit project launched on Veterans Day 2015 and has evolved in to an informative and inspiring project.

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11/11:  GivingVue's 'Beacon of Honor' launched.

5/18:  'Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag' deployments

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GivingVue's projects: Beacon of Honor and FaithVue


GivingVue's nonprofit mission is to enable digital apps and services that increase the GIVING acts of EDUCATION, FAITH, and CHARITY.

We currently have two programs underway:  Beacon of Honor and FaithVue.  Read about the Beacon of Honor program below.  Or, go here to learn about our FaithVue - Your Personal Prayer Place app.


Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag project

Ms, Wheeler's 6th graders: Founders of the Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag project


This student-led project is on a mission to serve 3 patriotic purposes:


   1) Make the Pledge of Allegiance (and National Anthem) more purposeful and meaningful by enabling a daily ceremony that helps citizens engage with the stories and tenets woven in to Our Flag.


   2) Bring Our Flag to multimedia life for folks walking by - alerting them about its daily flag status, fallen combatants, historical reminder, and other good citizenship content.


   3) Build more informed and inspired student-citizens by leading them through a tech-driven, civic-minded public service project.




Here's the story of how a problem-solving group of Heritage Elementary 6th graders founded the 'Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag' project.


   In January of 2016, I presented a patriotic nonprofit project to Ms. Wheeler's 6th grade class at Heritage Elementary in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  All three of my kids attended Heritage Elementary from 2005-2014 and my Junior Achievement, Heritage Run Club, and other volunteer efforts were supported by Ms. Wheeler during that time.  So, she was familiar with my teaching style and penchant for creatively engaging with students.  The purpose of the patriotic project I presented was to create an authentic learning experience for the kids.  We would empower them with technology that would showcase their writing skills and multimedia capabilities to the Highlands Ranch community by telling the stories of the Veterans honored at the Highlands Ranch Veterans Memorial.  They would bring the Veterans' stories trapped inside their dedication bricks to life by using the Beacon of Honor technology platform that I had launched in November 2015.  So, I started off by teaching them the basics about the new, location-based beacon technology I had been experimenting with and how it can interact with mobile apps.  Then, I showed how the combination of a beacon with an app can bring an object to multimedia life - such as the U.S. flag in their classroom.  Within a few sessions the kids were helping to program and lead a daily Beacon of Honor ceremony to make their Pledge of Allegiance more meaningful.


Here's an example Beacon of  Honor - Awakens Our Flag ceremony the students filmed to submit their project to the Create Something Great symposium.  Their project was accepted and stood out as one of the most innovative at the event.

The Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag device that Ms. Wheeler's 6th graders connected to each morning to conduct their patriotic daily ceremony.

   Then, during the week of February 14, the students took the project plans in a new, more personal direction.  That week the students discovered and became motivated to fix a flag communication issue within their school district.  President Obama called for the U.S. flag on all public buildings to be lowered in honor of Justice Scalia from February 13th to the 20th, when he was buried.  On Tuesday, February 15th, when the students returned from the President's Day holiday, the students realized, via the Beacon of Honor app and ceremony they conducted each morning, that the school flags should have been lowered to half staff.  The students informed the school's front office, but they said they had not received an email from the district telling them to lower the flags.  So, for 2 more days, the front office was informed by the students to lower the flags and they were denied because an email had not been received.  And, this was the case for 4 out of 5 schools throughout the district.  So, the students got motivated and decided to address this situation with the district by writing their Assistant Superintendent and telling him of this flag problem.  That Thursday afternoon an email went out from the district informing schools of the correct flag status. From that moment forward, as the kids correctly put the flags at half staff on Friday, February 19th, the students decided to focus the Beacon of Honor project on helping schools, students, and staff better informed of the U.S. flag status.  They began what is now called, the 'Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag' project, a tech-driven civic-minded class project building better student citizens.


Here's an inspirational outdoor ceremony the students conducted in March using their Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag device.

Ms Wheeler's 6th graders presenting their Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag solution to DCSD's Superintendent, Asst Superintendent, and CTO

   Before I knew the kids took it upon themselves to start contacting school principals to introduce their Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag (BoH-AoF) project.  They genuinely and inspiringly wanted to help other schools use cutting-edge technology to properly honor Our Flag and all the patriotic stories woven into it.  They scheduled some presentations with principals at their schools and invited others to visit Heritage to experience their BoH-AoF project firsthand.  They went all the way up the school district chain of command and eventually invited and presented to the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Superintendent, Liz Fagen, Assistant Superintendent, Ted Knight, Chief Technology Officer, Sethi Guatam, and many others.  The DCSD leaders were so impressed with their presentation skills, passion for this project, and dedication to help other students and schools become better citizen, that they immediately gave them a grant to deploy Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag devices at 24 schools.


Superintendent Liz Fagen shouts out about the Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag project.
1 of 24 Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag devices deployed. This one posted next to the Cresthill Middle School flagpole

   So, each student scrambled to complete their adopted school's BoH-AoF device.  They designed, HTML-programmed, and published content - including a personal 'My Patriot' story and customized photos, audio messages, and other content on their BoH-AoF device for their adopted school.  Then, on May 18, 2016, all 24 devices were placed at each adopted school's flagpole for a week-long test.  Then, during this summer and upon returning to school in August, the BoH-AoF founding kids will tweak and improve their devices and redeploy them at their adopted schools with the intention of motivating students at that school to create, learn from, and be inspired to enable their own Beacon of Honor project.  They have big plans for their BoH-AoF project and I'm looking forward to continuing to mentor them and help them surpass their goals.


Click here to see one our founding student's Beacon of Honor - Awakens Our Flag experience.



   District story about this project

 ... Stay tuned ...




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  • Kay Howard (Thursday, January 14 16 11:25 am EST)

    This is very interesting. Thank you for being so patriotic.

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