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To enable digital apps and services that increase the GIVING acts of FAITH, EDUCATION, AND CHARITY

FaithVue app

Provides a visually captivating personal prayer experience to help folks get closer to God and their faith community

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8/6:  Updated FaithVue app - ready for public distribution

7/11:  Received 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit approval

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   FaithVue is a service project powered by GivingVue (incorporated as GivingVu.org, Inc.), a Colorado nonprofit corporation (and an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit as of June 26, 2014) focused on leveraging its digital media product development and marketing expertise to be more purposeful and helpful to those in need.


   The FaithVue app, released on July 2, 2014 and then officially launched and publicly promoted on August 5th, provides a visually captivating personal prayer place that brings people closer to God, their faith, and each other by helping them experience the power of prayer.  FaithVue's app, a free service, empowers folks to witness and share God's graces through its inspiring prayer experience.  


ANNOUNCEMENT:  FaithVue app is now available in the iTunes App Store!


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   For those of you that do want to get the full FaithVue story, then become informed and inspired by watching the video on this page of our sitewhich provides an overview of the FaithVue app and the calling that led to its inception.



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  • Carol P. Finn-Martin (Thursday, January 23 14 01:40 pm EST)

    Oh Sean, how I loved your personal prayer place, so peaceful, and yes I have one. It's in the chair in the den, that both Granna & My Marty sat in, overlooking Popponesset Beach. Usually at sun rise. So lovely.
    Your Auntie Ca

  • Nicholas Matuszak (Wednesday, December 18 13 07:44 pm EST)

    I thought it was a really cool app that focuses on I think a single persons standpoints of their beliefs in religion and peace.

  • Scott Wertz (Thursday, December 12 13 02:13 pm EST)

    Sean, looks good. Thanks for the work. My faith view page is going to be hiking up Magnolia road outside Boulder and will have guys throwing up on the roadside. I almost came face to face with Jesus on that hike back in 1987.

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